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    What would be causing this to appear??

    Codec: PCMU, Quality: 1 (excellent)
    PSTN call
    Close Reason: ISDN : Release from Layer2

    i have meen getting this message from one of my clients and it keeps dropping the calls

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    Lots of reason can cause layer 2 to go down and come back up...

    If you check in the ISDN events it should shine more info on what and when... then pass it to the carrier once you have verified all of your cabling that you are responsible for ...

    Normally this kind of problem can be caused through line noise.



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    Yes Kevin, lots of reason can cause layer 2 to go down and come back up...
    In such cases I may suggest to select T309 timer (20sec. is OK) so the active call will not drop.
    If it is possible please attach ISDN L2 logs from Quadro so I may find the reason of ISDN layer 2 down/up.


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    Default same reason

    Hi all

    Have same reason for dropping calls. In log I can see that is link physical down. We have 5 other 2xi on different location and they are OK. Try with timer T309 but it is says expired, no solution for now.

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