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Thread: loosing all.WAV on software upgrade

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    Default loosing all.WAV on software upgrade

    Is there something I do wrong ???
    That is the second time I loose all .wav file in the AA and voice mail (names for directory) after a SW upgrade

    First time was in a 4X and yesterday in a 6L.

    Thank for the answer

    Hans T

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    Hans, you must download all data and voicemail messages first then do a firmware upgrade then restore the data and voicemail messages.

    This usually is the most you need to do, apart from a 4x / 16x which might be to reallocate the usb as the voicemail on reboot.



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    Thank you Kevin, will do the right thing next time :-)

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    Under the System >>>> Configuration Management tab

    You will find your download and restore points there....



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