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Thread: Quadro 16x - SIP Phone show "Network error" when dialing

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    Unhappy Quadro 16x - SIP Phone show "Network error" when dialing

    I have 2 SIP phone devices: Linksys SPA942 and Moinstone Stonehenge IP250, on both i have Extension 9520 and extension 9518...

    When tryind to dial for each other shows on display: "Network error".

    How to fix it????

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    You cannot have the same username on two different phones, and register both on the Quadro. Only one phone can be registered on any on the IP Lines of the Quadro at the same time. If you configure two phones to register on the same IP Line, they will periodically kick out one another, and the system will never work.
    Leave the 9520 only on Linksys SPA942, and the 9518 - only on Moinstone Stonehenge IP250, and they should be able to each other.

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