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Thread: Change Auto Attendant on Quadro2x

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    Question Change Auto Attendant on Quadro2x


    We have an Auto Attendant setup so as when someone rings our phone number the automated message starts and says "Welcome to.... press 1 for sales, 2 for..." etc etc.

    How do I chnage the system to disable this auto greeting and setup so all the extensions ring when a call comes through?

    Thanks for all your help in advance.

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    Create a MERg, with a virtual extension number, have all extensions enabled to ring within that MERg, set the no answer timer to 60 seconds or so, to prevent the caller receiving an abandoned type of signal due to no voicemail box assgned to the virtual extension, change the call route from your current telephone ring destination from the auto attendant to the newly created MERg virtual extension number.



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    If you wanted to setup voicemail on the virtual extension you could add a route into the CRT of say for example 66?? and type PBX-Voicemail and setup call forward no answer on your VE to 6611 (voicemail on extension 11).
    This will then mean that if the call is not answered on any extension in the MER group then it gets forwarded to extension 11's voicemail.
    Of course this is only if you wanted voicemail ontop of Kev's solution.

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