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Thread: Shared External Phonebook

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    Talking Shared External Phonebook

    I think a shared external phone book feature will be brilliant!

    Would like to load up all the phones everyone needs and have them accessed via the DIR key on the phone.

    Whats the chance of having this feature added?

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    Umm its there .... you just have to be a little creative to deploy it.

    8 )



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    Yea I have seen the work around with the call routing table. Which to me seems like a lot of effort and not very user freindly, but may be that is just me!

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    Well try an Aria telephone system and putting 100 + entries into the tables....

    You then would appreciate the gui in the Epygi to do the same thing.

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    which workaround is waipapaeyecare talking about?

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    Craig you can give me a call on the mobile I can gladly give you a great way of doing a global speed dial directory for IP Handsets that pull that info from the Epygi ie SNOM's Directory key...


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    Well, just one note for the waipapaeyecare - agree it is not very pleasant to enter the values into many CRT entries by hand. Thats could take some time.

    But you can use the "Legible Configuration" to make things quicker and easier.

    And, related to the chances to have that "addressbook" feature integrated (to make it easier and more obvious to configure).. - there is a similiar request logged and considered by us. How big the chances to get this done soon..? Not in a month-two, for sure. But maybe later.. not sure about possible dates though.

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    Hi Kev I am interested in the centralised phone book, i have had requests for something like that in the past. Cheers Brad

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    Would love to have that feature as well

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    Thumbs up thanks

    Hi Kev I will give it a bash this week-end. Cheers Brad

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