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Thread: Echo on Epygi 4x FXO Calls

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    I seem to be having an echo problem on an Epygi 4x on FXO calls. SIP Calls are perfect. I have experimented with the echo trail on fxoconfig.cgi

    The problem seems to be when a call converts from SIP to PSTN. If I connect a phone to a FXS port and make a call; it's clear. (NO ECHO)



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    What IP phones are you using?

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    Experiencing the same problem on a customer's Quadro16x.
    Using Aastra 9133i.
    Still testing with the echo trail values.

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    We used to experience echo issues with the Aastra phones. But it was a phone issue more than Quadro issue.

    You may want to try turning down the MIC gain on the Aastra phones.
    This can not be set in the phone GUI, and can only be done through
    config files and a TFTP server. The phones administrator manual has
    more info.

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    Anyone have a detailed fix for the echo problem on the 9133i? I cannot find the MIC setting on the 9133i.

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    I have the same problem -- echo on FXO calls using Aastra phones. I've adjusted receive and transmit levels and echo trail but these so far have not cured the problem. Ruben has asked me to capture some logs. We'll see what he comes up with.

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    In a mac.cfg file add these lines:

    handset tx gain: 0

    handset sidetone gain: -10

    headset tx gain: 0

    headset sidetone gain: -10

    handsfree tx gain: 0

    Generally setting the sidetone gain to the lowest value (-10) does the trick, but you may want to experiment.

    These values can only be applied in the config file, so you will need a TFTP program to load these.

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    After reviewing the posts and making the changes suggested (sidetone gain), I still have an issue with SIP to FXO calls. The caller on the FXO side doesn't hear the echo. The caller on the SIP side hears him/herself -- it's quite distracting.

    I'm using the Aastra 480i phones. Any additional insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, -Jim

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    Jim, please apply to technical support. They will help you out with fixing the issue. You can try also to reduce the transmit gain on FXO port of Quadro (Telephony -> Gain control). The default is 0 and you can try -3 to see if it helps.

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    Thanks, I have an open ticket with tech support. I've taken traces and they've confirmed an issue. I'm told to expect a fix soon. Hope this helps others....

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