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Thread: Many extension ringing

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    Default Many extension ringing


    Two extension on one SIP account and simultanious ringing on both extensions with an incoming call.
    The first extension (where the SIP account is attached) has "call forwarding on no answer" activated.
    Knowing that "call forwarding on no answer" will be de-activated when the the "many extension ringing" is activated is there any alternative way to have this configuration available.

    Thanks for suggestions.

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    What are you wanting to divert to ?

    Can you elaborate a bit further on your routes.


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    To a mobile phone.

    With an incoming call extensions 32 & 32 will be ringing and will be answered by the fastest one. When nobody is present at the office ext 32 must de diverted to a mobile phone.

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    So in the MERg you have a no answer call forward to a mobile, type of auto ....

    Unless you have some type of trunk that would prevent you from calling to mobiles or diverting to mobiles then I see no reason for it not to work.


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    No special type of trunk. It is a typical call to an ISP.

    The help menu indicates : When saving the Call Forwarding configuration, a message will notify the user that Call Hunting and Many Extension Ringing services have been disabled.
    I don't receive this message so I presume the MER is not disabled but in reality the MER is still enable but the call forward is not working.
    If I disabled the MER the call forward is working.


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    In the supplemental area of the MERg set the NO ANSWER forwarding to the mobile number.

    The no answer timer of 20 seconds ( default ) expires and then the call is presented to the call forward being the mobile.

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    If the MER is disable the "call forward on non response" is OK after 15 seconds (configuration parameter).
    When MER is activated then after 15 seconds we receive busy tone.


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    I am unsure why you are disabling the MERg, you do not need to.

    Did you point the route direct to the MERg ?

    If not, create a virtual extension, setup the phones to ring, and then set up no answer to ring the mobile make sure you use AUTO as the type of call....

    Try then ringing the MERg internally via an extension outside of the MERg.

    Make sure that the mobile rings if it doesnt then I would suggest looking at your logs to inform you further.


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    Thanks Kevin for your help. Much appreciated.
    Being on a new project for a couple of day's I'm unable to to do a complete test and look at the logfile. Further the quadro is in production at customer premises and cannot be disturbed.
    Will keep you posted on progress.

    Best regards,


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    Quote Originally Posted by ayenacom View Post
    Knowing that "call forwarding on no answer" will be de-activated when the the "many extension ringing" is activated...
    This is not actually the case. The "call forwarding on no answer" (CFNA) and "many extension ringing" (MERg) can be active on the saame extension at the same time.

    "many extension ringing" cannot be active along with "unconditional forwarding" and "call hunt", but it can co-exist with the CFNA.

    So if the CFNA is not working (you get busy tone), there should be different reason to that. If you post the Call Manager logs here (immediately after a call to MERg, getting a busy tone), maybe we can tell the reason of problem..

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