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Thread: Auto attendant with FAX detect enabled

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    Default Auto attendant with FAX detect enabled

    I have a Quadro 2x with AA enabled for the FXO port. The AA has the Enable FAX forwarding turned on to forward to a voicemail box. I have a custom voicemail message advising to dial a list of extensions but seem to be getting hangups. I would like to forward any calls that do not select an extension to the reception phone but am not sure if this is possible and if so how to do it.

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    in your Attendant Scenario you can set a redirection on timeout
    enable the facility
    set 'Recurring Attendant Prompt Repetition Count' to 1, as you want the message to be played only once
    call type - pbx
    call to - where ever you want it to ring to

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    Thanks for the response I have that working now. One other question with the AA. After my custom voice message I still get the female voice at the end. Is there a way to get rid of her voice or changing it to transfering you now sort of message?

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    If you look at the Telephony -> Extension management -> Edit AA -> Attendant Scenario page, you will see there are two different messages played: "Attendant Welcome Message" and "Recurring Attendant Prompt". Typically system plays "Attendant Welcome Message", then "Recurring Attendant Prompt" a few times.

    Probably you have changed the "Attendant Welcome Message" only, and thus you get the "Recurring Attendant Prompt" after your message.

    So now you have two options to achive what you need:
    1. either disable the "Attendant Welcome Message", and record the "Recurring Attendant Prompt". In that case you will have your message played only.
    2. Or leave the "Attendant Welcome Message" with your recirding (as it is now), and record the "Recurring Attendant Prompt", telling "transfering you now bla bla".

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