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Thread: Snom M3 on Quadro2x

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    Unhappy Snom M3 on Quadro2x

    We modified our network which required us to reset our working Snom M3 wireless phone. We now have issues getting the unit working again on our Quadro2x PBX. I've read a few topics here and understand that the M3 is not supported but have noticed that a few people have to get them working.
    The M3 obtains an IP & date/time but displays "Authentication error" on the screen. I've checked the users account name and password which I've entered into the M3 but still displays "Authentication error".... Is there anything obvious that I'm missing to setup/configure?

    Appreciate your help in advance...

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    Please check if you enter the same name both in the "Username" and "Authorization name" fields on Snom M3.
    Also make sure you have entered exactly the same name in the "Lene Settings" -> "IP Line Settings".

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