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Thread: Aastra 55i not registering voicemail

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    Question Aastra 55i not registering voicemail

    I am having a problem in that I can set up extensions (mainly 55i at this stage) and when I automatically set it up on one quadro everything is fine, but on another quadro the voicemail does not want to notify the user that there is a voicemail there. On the first quadro the mail symbol comes up and the light flashes, but on this one, nothing.....
    Any ideas?

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    Delay that last question.
    In the voicemail settings per extension there is a "lamp indication" and "send mails count information message" options that weren't ticked.

    Is there a way to edit all voicemail settings as I have about 40 to do......

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    "send mails count information message" option is not for sending that information to the phones display but for playing the mail count message when you enter to voice mail box from handset.
    For IP phones enabling only the "Lamp Indication" is enough for having all voice mail indications the current phone supports. With enabled "Lamp Indication" all kind of voice mail indications are being sent to IP phone and it's up to phone which of them to indicate and how.
    You can enable this option for batch of extensions with use of legible configuration file. You can download the current configurations and upload a new ones in legible format from "System->Configuration Management->Download current configuration in a legible format" or "Upload a legible configuration file". Legible format is a simple text format file which has it's own rules of construction. For example for your case it will look like:


    Where in place of "5.0.19" should be the version of software running on your Quadro and in the place of "extension.101", "extension.102" and "extension.103" should be your extensions. Theoretically there is no limit in number of options changing with one file. This should be saved in a simple text file and uploaded on to the Quadro.
    Wish you good luck in learning Quadro.

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    I just want to add to Ruben's answer, that the reason that the lamnp indication is switched OFF on your extensions on the second Quadro maybe the following:

    if you do not use the default extensions on the Quadro, but delete them and create your own, the default setting for Lamp indication for new added extensions is OFF.
    In default configuration the lamp indication os switched OFF for extensions attached to FXS lines (as the lamp indication on analog phones needs a special signal sent to the phone, which not all analog phones support), and switched ON on the extensions attached to IP Lines.
    Most probably on that second Quadro you have createed extensions manually, instead of using the default ones.

    Anyway, thanks for pointing on this, probably we will changhe the default for the new added extension to have Lamp indication ON.

    Best regatds,

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    Quote Originally Posted by davrays View Post
    if you do not use the default extensions on the Quadro, but delete them and create your own,
    You are spot on here. I did delete the extensions. One of the joys of having to install a new PBX and maintain the customers existing extension numbers that has been developed over the last 10 years.

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