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    I was wondering if anyone can help me. I cannot register the Polycom SoundPoint IP 320SIP phone with the Epygi 2 xi realese 5.0.16 ( PPCBoot 4.0.8/Release) and get either "Registration failed" or "Server not accessible" errors on the phone.

    The account on the Epygi is valid as I have tested successfully with other VOIP phone iGrandstrream BT200. The phone and Epygi firmware are the latest.


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    Jose, you will need to look into the SIP logs on your Polycom phone (hopefully it has one).
    Most probably you either don't have network connectivity between phone and the Quadro, or registration parameters are incorrect on the phone (the registration proxy IP or port).

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    Thanks David,

    all is working correctly. All I did, was a reset local setings in the phone and it automatically connected.

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