Respected Colleagues,

7AAA Corp. - is a company with almost 5 years of expirience on the world VoIP market .
7AAA Corp. has a positive experience and a good history of development on the VOIP market.
Our company established good business relations with many VOIP companies and we will be glad to start cooperation with new potential partners.
7AAA Corp. is opened for cooperation with VoIP termination providers of all regions of the world.
7AAA Corp. invites telecom companies to join the long term cooperation.
We have interest in buying wholesale routes at competitive rates and with stable quality.
We have a lot of VoIP termination traffic and we are looking for quality VoIP routes of different destinations.
Our company is looking for VoIP partners to build long term and fruitful cooperation with them.

We are interested in such as
- Nicaragua mobile Enitel termination
- Mali mobile Malitel termination
- Ghana mobile Areeba termination
- Saudi Arabia mobile termination
- DRC mobile Vodacom Congo termination
- Bolivia mobile Nuevatel termination
- Oman mobile termination
- Cameroon mobile MTN termination
- Peru mobile Lima termination
- Brazil mobile termination
- Haiti mobile Digicel termination
- Ethiopia Addis Ababa termination
- Philippines PLDT termination
- Nigeria mobile MTN termination
- Portugal mobile termination
- Vietnam mobile and proper termination
- Morocco mobile termination
- Afghanistan mobile Areeba termination
- Afghanistan mobile Roshan termination
- Pakistan mobile Mobilink termination
- Italy mobile termination

If you can offer us any competitive VoIP termination - you are more than welcome.
If you would like to know more about our interests and requirements - please contact us and we will update you with all necessary information.
All your proposals about wholesale routes will be reviewed definitely!

Regards, 7AAA Corp. team.

Please check our web site for contact details.

Victor Shark
7AAA Corp.