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    Default Call Queue and Hunt Group

    Hi there,

    I currently have a hunt group extension (81) which will ring 2 actual extensions of the support staff. I now wish to implement a call queue, where when a call is transfered to extension 81, and both phones are busy, that the user is placed in a queue. I can easily set this up for a single extension, but i cant seem to set it up for the hunt group.

    I'm using a Quadro 4xi. Any ideas?

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    Well why not activate call queuing in group 81 which sounds like it is a MERg ..

    Set it for maximum of 2 calls in the queue before your callers receive an announcement message.


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    Thanks for the fast response.

    Call queueing is activated under the "Telephony" -> "Line Settings" menu options, which only lists the actual extensions. There i can do the Call Queues as per your description. However, extension 81 is a "Virtual" extension, so it is not available under that option.

    Am i missing something?

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    Look under the extensions table - left check the group extension ( 81 ) then click edit.... you will see then....


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    Awesome, found it. Its slightly more tricky to find since you have to check the box, and not simply click the extension.

    Thanks for the help.

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