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Thread: delete certain ext VM after so many days

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    Default delete certain ext VM after so many days

    How can I delete the voice mails from certain extensions after so many hours or on a certain day of the week?

    I am a newbie so bear with me. I think I have looked everywhere but the right place.

    32X system

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    Well, there is no special feature implemented for deleting all voicemails regularly...

    It is supposed that those voicemails are needed, and so should be reviewed by the owner of the extension regularly
    Also you can configure the "VM to email" feature and send those voicemails via email, while automatically deleting them afterwards.

    If however you want to keep the voicemails on the Quadro, but delete them periodically (without readingh!?), the easiest way is to log in to the Quadro GUI usning that extension's username/password, go to "Voice Mailbox", "Select all", then delete...
    If you want that to be done automatically, you'll have to write a script to do that instead of you..

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