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Thread: Call Drops on Unconditional Call Forwarding

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    Question Call Drops on Unconditional Call Forwarding


    We are having a problem with a Quadro 4x4. Everything is working fine apart from this issue

    Some Background on the PBX:
    All incoming calls are over SIP.
    Outbound calls will take an available FXO port, if not will go out via SIP.

    We have an extension with an Unconditional Call Forwarding configured, if an external user calls the DDI we can experience call drops - if this call takes an FXO port the forward works, but if it uses SIP then the call will drop after exactly 19seconds - without fail.

    Internally - if we dial the number that is defined in the Unconditional Call Forwarding, this works (via FXO and SIP)

    Has anybody seen an issue like this before?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Graham

    one quick suggestion (without going into more details - looking at the logs etc): try to set an RTP proxy on the outbound SIP rule. This will eat some of your bandwidth, but could save you some hassle. It is possible that the calls are terminated because of the specifics of your ITSP (as after the forwarding you have SIP to SIP call between two parties most probably on the same SIP server, and who knows how your SIP server hadles that)...
    If you put RTP proxy on the rule, you will have actually two calls after forwarding (SIP_1<->Quadro and Quadro<->SIP_2), so your ITSP will not be aware of the forwarding, so everything should work OK.
    Just try that and tell the result. If this doesn't work, we can look further.

    Best regards,

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    Thumbs up Solved - RTP Proxy


    Thanks for the help - the RTP proxy on the outbound call route was the answer!

    Thanks again.

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