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    Hi all

    I expect Kev will have the answer to this.

    If I want to set up an extension at a home office, via VPN, does this extension need to be manually configured and then does it have to logon to Quadro as a remote extension?

    I am used to being able to provision handsets at remote sites with the remote router's DHCP server pointing TFTP server to the PBX at HQ. The handset will then self provision.

    I seem to recall that Quadro sees "off net traffic", either via IP subnet, or by virtue of it coming in on the WAN interface as a remote extension and the handset has to logon with the remote extension credentials.

    Am I wrong here?


    Mark Dutton

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    Manual on the remote ... hopefully you have a sip aware router at both sites with different sub nets for local area network... ie and 192.168.0/24 thats fine but and I seem to remember is bad due to not knowing how to route the sip traffic correctly.. and would result to giving you audio problems.


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    I also remember that there were problems with vpns and remotes... you might want to direct your question to the Epygi gurus... David and co....



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