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Thread: Provisioning dialplan on Aastra handsets

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    Default Provisioning dialplan on Aastra handsets

    Hi guys

    Aastra handsets by default have a simple dialpna. X+^, which basically means dial anything with one or more digits and wait 4 seconds for the dial timer to kick in if you are already off hook.

    It would be great if could update the dialpan via provisioning to something like


    This means that if I am on a call and wish to park the user, I can just press L2 then dial *5 and the phone will immediately park the call without needing to dial more digits, or press dial. There are probably other feature keys that could be added to the dialplan whilst you are at it.


    Mark Dutton

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    Hi Mark

    there is a good news - on the 5.1.x versions there will be possibility to edit some of the settings in the configuration Quadro sends to the phone, and the dialplan is one of the settings, which we allow to change.

    So you will be able to change the dialplan Aastra. What about the default setting for the dialplan.. I will forward your request to "phone-pro" guys here, and see what problems they see with that, if any..

    Best regards,

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