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Thread: Quadro 4xi - How to automatically delete voicemails

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    Default Quadro 4xi - How to automatically delete voicemails


    We've plugged a 4GB USB key in the quadro. Every 3-4 months the key becomes full even with the checkbox "Remove Voice Mail On Send" checked in Voice Mail Settings for the extension.

    We don't need/want to keep these messages and would like them to be removed automatically.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    dumb question.
    have you specified an email address to send the message to?

    have you set up the smtp mail clinet on the quadro

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    Of course, e-mail address, smtp details are configured.

    We receive these e-mails with wav messages. Everything works.

    We just want them to be removed automatically from the USB Key as soon as the e-mail is sent.



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    Swenz, if you checked the "Remove Voice Mail On Send", Quadro will automatically delete the voicemail as soon as it can send that to SMTP server. There is nothing elase to configure.
    The only case when Qyadro doesn't delete the message, is when it fails to send that message. In that case the message remeins on the Quadro, so user can get it somehow. Is it possible that the network connection or the SMTP server itself are periodically down for some time?

    Best regards,

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