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Thread: No call queue in 2x with SIP phone ?

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    Default No call queue in 2x with SIP phone ?

    Hi evryone , I got a problem with my quadro 2x and my thomsom ST2030 phone. This phone is set to have an SIP account(From a french SIP provider : Keyyo) and will be the phone which gonna receive all the incoming calls. I did set correctly my SIP line settings and the call queue settings.

    If someone call me i can get the first call and answer the caller but if, while i'am still busy with the first caller, someone else try to call me (still on that phone) he is supposed to be redirected in the call queue with some waiting music. Instead of that, the second caller (and anyone else who try to call while the phone is busy) is automatically rejected and never enter the call queue.

    So my questions are :

    -Does my SIP provider can make me have some problemes with entering the call queue ?
    -Does the phone Thomson ST2030 can have a call queue ?
    -What are all the parameters to set to have a well fonctionnable call queue ?

    Ty in advance for your answers and sorry for my english I'am french .

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    first of all, does the sip account support more than one call?

    secondly, when you setup the ip line, did you specify it to handle more than one line?

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    Hello , ty for your answer.

    So : With the call waiting function i can have 10 incoming call simultaneously on my SIP line (My thomsom ST2030).

    The parametre Line appearence setting on the ST2030 is set to 10.

    Little precision. If the call queue is set , the second caller can hear just one ring and then he is hanged up. But if the call queue is disable the phone can hold , answer 10 simultaneous calls.

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    that depends on your call cueue setup

    if you set it up to have 10 calls in the cueue and only one visible, only the first call will ring on the phone, the rest will wait until the phone is free again. you can set it to have more call visible, ie 3 calls visible, then the first 3 call will ring on the phone and the rest will wait till one of the three call on the phone drops.

    i dont think this is where your problam lies.

    i think that the sip account you have with Keyyo only allows for one call at a time.( basically you have only one voice channel on the sip account)

    if this is the case then it does not matter how big the cueue is, you can only recieve one call from the itsp (Keyyo)

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    Ok i was thinking keyyo was the problem. Tyvm for your answer i will post later if i manage to solve the prob.

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