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    I, How can I configure to have intercom "activate if requested" working for internal calls only if requested, sometimes with intercom sometimes without.
    I want the receptionist or any one else take a call from outside and park it (parking works well), now call an extension with intercom saying "John dial 50" (number of park call).
    I created a rule in routing table with PBX-intercom but not sure the right way to write the rule

    Thank you !

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    What you do is have 2 rules - 1 rule in the crt the other in the ert - both rules tied together from crt to ert

    1./ dial direct to the extension as ringing the phone
    2./ dial direct to the extension via intercom

    Depending on how many extensions you have will determine how many entries....


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    I'll try to tell the same in a bit simpler way, without using complex Aussie terminology... (Kevin, where did you get the term "ert", btw?? )...

    serviplexSIP, You have already the rule for calling the extensions regular way. So just create a new "77??" rule with "PBX-Intercom" type, with NDS=2, and you will be able to make an intercom call to any extension.
    If John has extension 11, then just dial 7711, and tell "John dial 50"

    Best regards,

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    Thank you very much to both of you...Answers are really appreciated.

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    Maybe you guys can help me.
    I have set up a customer who has 4 SNOM 870 phones for hands free intercom. I went into Caller ID Based Services and created a new entry in the table. Call type= PBX and Address = *
    I then went back to Caller IS Based Services and into the newly created PBX table. Changed intercom to always active. All extensions can now intercom each other hands free but one. Ext 110 can hands free intercom all other exts except 112. Ext 112 can intercom 110. Any suggestions on where to start?

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    Select "Allow Activation on Request" from the Intercom drop-down list, then create a new routing rule with pattern {110,111,113} and PBX-Intercom destination call type. Now you will be able to intercom ext 110,111 and 113 except 112.
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    If you want to intercom all extensions with each other then select "Allow Activation on Request" from the Intercom drop-down list for extensions 110, 111, 112, 113 and create a new routing rule with pattern "???" or {110,111,112,113} and select PBX-Intercom as a destination call type.

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    Although this is an old topic, I just came across it as being very helpful and tried following davrays solution for implementing intercom. Using Quadro4x with Cisco 7960 phones, created a call route just as davrays illustrated and all that happens is extension to intercom to just rings as normal. I have checked the extension settings and the intercom setting is Allow Activation on Request already. I am under the impression that this call scenario would force called extension to immediately answer in speaker/intercom mode but it does not. Have I missed something, or is the 7960 not capable of doing this?

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    Dear Tchanev,

    Quadro doesn't support Intercom feature on Cisco phones. Cisco 7960 is a discontinued IP Phone and is no longer tested as part of Epygi’s software validation testing. These phone should still work well with the Quadro but support is not guaranteed since it is no longer tested. Cisco 7960 is still listed and available for configuration in the Quadro IP Line Settings phone model drop down list.



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    Hi LevonD,

    I figured it was a Cisco 7960 limitation but was not sure. Thank you for providing the information. It is greatly appreciated...

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