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Thread: Restrict extension to internal calls only

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    Default Restrict extension to internal calls only

    Hi All,

    I'm sure it's been answered before but I've searched high and low and can't find the answer...

    How can I restrict one specific extension to only be able to dial internal extensions (no external calls at all)?

    Basically we are wanting to put a phone in a public area so that it can be used to contact internal employees only and restricted so that no outside calls at all can be made.

    All help is greatly appreciated.

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    Simply use filtering in the call routing table...

    ie if you have an extension range of 300 to 399 use the following in the 0*? or 9*? call routing outward ...

    {300-344,346-399} that should stop extension 345 from dialling out to the outside world but internally it would be fine because it would use the ??? route to get to extensions.

    Heres an entry for a pbx of mine :

    0* NDS: 1 FXO
    port: Any Port None No {2811-2817,2819-2820} PBX
    Basically extension 2818 can not dial 0 to gain an fxo PSTN port to dial out.



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    you can also use the exclusion rule. you would use this where you do not have enough space in the field to add all the different ranges if you had more the one ext you need to exclude

    ie: kevin used {2811-2817,2819-2820} that excluded 2818

    but what if you had a range where you had to exclude more separate exts

    range = 2811-2899

    exts to exclude 2820, 2830, 2840, 2850

    if you were to use Kevin's example it would look something like this


    as you can see the string gets rather lengthy this way, and eventually you run out of space. the field only allows something like 30 characters

    you can also use the following rule.

    that ould allow exts starting with, 28-- in the range 11-99 (2811-2899) but exclude the desired exts. the "!" sign is used for exclusions as no doubt you have gathered. this will allow you to do more with one rule in the routing table if you were using bigger systems.

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    thanks guys, working a treat, much appreciated.

    One issue is that via the routing table I can't edit the 9?* pattern, it's locked down.
    I've locked out all other routes but I'm sure some adventurous soul will try pressing 9 for a line out.

    Any thoughts?

    I have an m32.

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    Just go through the System installation from the system link and get through to the "Emergency Codes and PSTN Access Code Settings" and from the drop down list leave the route as blank instead of 9 / 0.. follow through then amend the call routing table at the end....



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    awesome, thanks Kev and cornepiek. Appreciate the assistance.

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