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Thread: Anyone like the new Snom 820? Best IP set...?

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    Lightbulb Anyone like the new Snom 820? Best IP set...?

    Really like the Snom range as well built, feature rich handsets - although rather expensive. UK Disti has been pushing the new Snom 820, but at GBP290 RRP the price will put off half of my SME market.

    Which sets do you sell/prefer and why?

    Personal likes;
    Aastra 5xi
    Cisco 79x0
    Linksys 962


    The new Mitel range of IP sets are great looking, the 5340 looks very corporate smart, no idea of performance/cost.

    I'm new to Epygi so yet to evaluate everything, love your opinions.

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    These days with people pressing for Unified comms, it is very hard to overlook the Snom range of handsets due to the camrivox marriage. The price point of the telephone and also the unified comms free with a Snom phone from camrivox and the tight integration with the Epygi is very very hard to beat on price and performance.

    Just my 2 cents worth....


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    I think both SNOM and Aastra offer quality, product range, features and low cost deployment for both your customers and you. With each you have the choice of several models, from full featured receptionist sets to a cheap basic model that might be installed in the warehouse or factory. Even a colour screen!

    Just about anything from Cisco is good, if you're prepared to pay for it and Linsys is now a Cisco product although not on the same level and aimed at the consumer market.

    I agree with Kevin on extensibility as there are substancial benefits in being able to easily integrate with other systems such as address books (Outlook), CRMs and call control etc. These days, any app, and these phone systems expose features that are software driven, that chooses to have a proprietory or complex API (closed source) are not nearly as compelling.

    ...there's my two cents


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