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Thread: Automated attendant Greetings

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    Unhappy Automated attendant Greetings

    Im currently working on Quadro 2x, im still new to the system, customer wish to have Custom IVR i.e Press 1 for acc, press 2 for recep etc. i uploaded a custom XML scenario and got the customer to record the greetings through sound recorder on the computer which works ok but they wnt to re-record the greetings thru the IP extension (Snom370) so, is it possible to record greetings thru IP extension Phone if you are using custom attendant scenario?

    If so How?
    is there a time limit?
    can the time be altered? Where/ how?

    I would appreciate your help in advance please.

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    That link will take you to the download of the file that will give you all of the information necessary about your IVR...

    You will first of all log in to the support section of the Epygi web site.

    Then click on the link.



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    Red face

    Thanks for that Kevin

    But as i mention i already have created the Custom IVR scenario and uploaded the Vxml file which all seem to function ok with a recorded greeting thru sound recorder on PC as wav file.

    what i would like to know is how to re-record greetings using the IP phone using custom scenario?

    i have tried using administration access *75 then option 1 or 2 but this is only for the default IVR settings.

    Help Please

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    Well, there is a way to record the custom attendant greetings from the Quadro. But for that you would need to write a new attendant script, and use special recording VXML objects in that. I.e. you create a new attendant (for eaxmple attendant 10), configure it as custom and upload a script, which will ask the user to records the greeting 1, greeting 2, etc. Users will then call that number (10), navigate in the menu and and record voice messages.

    But as I said this would need you to write new script and use new (not even documented yet) Quadro VXML object. The name of the object is "record", but I don't remember exactly how to use that (the parameters etc.). If you want to use that object, I can look into this...

    ... but basically there is a also another, different way to go, though it is less user friendly and more hacky -
    users can record any of the messages from the handset (for example, the AA welcome message), then download that file from Quadro WebGUI, most probably then they would need to change the name of the file, and upload it again as custom attendant message...

    Best regards,

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    Hi David

    I think that answers my question thank you for that.
    I guess i'll have to wait for the script to be documented in the meantime they will have to record the greetings, download it from GUI, rename then upload it again.

    once again many thanx for your help.

    Best Regards

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    You can also record an auto attendant greeting by the following format which works very simply.

    Must be from any IP telephone with voicemail activated
    • enter the voicemail and leave yourself a reminder message.
    • log into the epygi and download the reminder message by clicking on it
      ( it will be stored in the correct wave format for the telephone system )
    • upload the file to the A/A
    Might be simpler for the customer with those steps.

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    Yep, Kevin, your sequence seems to be simpler

    Anyway, as this topic was interesting to me, I made some experiments, and looks the new object can be used the following way (10 is the extension where to record the file, and the FreshFileRecording.wav is the name of the file to be recorded:

    <object name="field2" classid="record">
    <param name="extension" expr="'10'"/>
    <param name="filename" expr="'FreshFileRecording.wav'"/>

    You don't have to use this (though you can, if you wish ). So this post is mostly for my records - now we can consider this new object to be documented

    Best regards,

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    Hmmm ... very nice david,

    I just wrote some xml ( see attached zip ) to reflect what you are talking about using extension 00 as the auto attendant and having a dial 1, dial 2 and a dial 3 for departments which reflects dialling extension 15, 16 and 17 respectively, with a record auto attendant feature of *3 when you dial into the autoatendant via "00"

    Now this will work but will mean if anyone dialled into the auto attendant they would be able to change the greeting at a whim....

    I would suggest very strongly if you were to use this xml file in a production system to change *3 and make it something like - *3*8491259459 or something not easily guessable. You might have to change the amount of digits to reflect what ever you set it to ... ie change from 2 digits to 13 as per the above number i entered.

    I like this capability david... works a treat.... thanx again Epygi ...


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    Nice example, Kev, thanks

    So if anyone wants to use this ability to record custom messages, I see two practical options -

    1. Either incorporate this ability into the main AA script, using the sample you provided, and record audio files used in the same script. In this case he should secure the calling code for that feature (using *3*8491259459, as you wrote ). Or one can use password-like authentication, prompting to enter name/passwd.

    2. Or create another AA (f.e. 1010), which will be used just for recording messages for other AAs. Give access to that AA only for authorized persons (from CR table). As this 1010 AA can record messages for any attandant in the system, it can be used as a main terminal for changing messages...

    Best regards,

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