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Thread: Snom 320 and consultation transfer

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    I've got a Snom 320 connected to a Quadro4xi. The direct transfer is Ok[img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img], but not the consultation transfer.[img]smileys/smiley19.gif[/img] However I configured this feature on the Snom.

    I traced the call, the phone where I want to transfer the call send to me "SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized" and after "SIP/2.0 480Temporarily not available".

    Have you got an idea?I forgot something in the configuration ?
    Thanks and regards

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    When you say that you configured this on the phone, do you mean that you configured a soft key on the phone to perform this operation? Have you reviewed our document on Quadro features on IP phones?

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    I configured on the Snom: "Call join on Xfer” on the “advanced” web page and I set to “on”.

    My problem is:

    During a call in progress, I put the connected party on hold by pressing the hold key .While the call is on hold, I try to establish a
    second call by dialing the desired number and pressing the good key,
    but the call doesnt work.The second Phone doesn't ring. In sip trace I
    see that the second phone sent to the Snom : SIP/2.0 401
    Unauthorized" and after "SIP/2.0 480Temporarily not available".

    Thanks and Regards

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    Most probably you have the Line appearances on the Quadro configuration set up to 1, so Quadro does not allow to make you second call from the phone. You need to set this value toat least2. To change it you will need to select "Telephony"->"Line Settings" ->"IP Line Settings" then press the corresponding IP line and edit "Line Appearance" field".

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    transfer with consult from a Snom 320/360:

    I've found the following works even to an extension on another Quadro:

    On the Snom

    Press "Hold"

    Enter the ext digits on the keypad, press send (ã)

    After the called extension answers press "Transfer" to connect the caller to the called. Press the flashing line key to return to the caller if refused. Transferring to voice mail at this stage is another matter.

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    Transfer to voicemail:

    I asked a similar question - what you need to do is set up a call route with the type PBX-Voicemail. This will then enable you to transfer calls to the voicemail of an extension.

    Hope that helps.


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    I found that on a 320, you take the inbound call, press the f-key of the called party, announce the call then press transfer twice (slowly) and it worked!

    Not that nice though. I'll try the hold-ext-send-xfer thingy tomorrow....

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    Lansmart, the Snom's transfer functionality has been changed in latest SW images of Snom phones. It is not concerning to Snom320 only, but all Snom models as well.Now after pressing transfer, you must specify the call that must be transferred, that's why you must press additional transfer or OK (checkmark) button.

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    Thanks. It tough keeping up with this sort of change as the doco doesn't give any indication this could happen.

    I also noticed that after flashing the snom's to the latest (7.x) firmware, the default dialplan doesn't allow # to terminate dialling any more. You have to press go (tick-button)or pickup the handset. Hard to get used to so must find a way to reinstate the "old" method.

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    Lansmat, we continuously updating our documents on WEB, but sometime it is hard to trace all the changes on the phones

    About Snom firmware version 7.x. The recommended Snom version to work with Quadro 4.1.33 is the SW 6.5.10. Version 7.x is under testing in our lab and we'll recommend it if the tests will be passed successfully. Until that we don't guarantee the correct functionality of the phones with that version according to Quadro service codes and to descriptions in documents. I'll check if there is some place to configure the Snom to use # as a call accelerator, as they moved the dialplanplace,and will infrom you about that.Edited by: aramk

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