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    Hello everyone:

    Since I installed quadro 16x in my workplace I'd been having some trouble with its operation. Sometimes I have to reboot the device because there is a message that says everytime I dial any extension "Sistema sobrecargado" that means System Overloaded, and if I don't reboot the device the trouble persists

    Please does anyone has an idea what could be happening here?



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    I think you shouldopen aTSS case.

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    Is this happening on the latest version available in download section?

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    yes, it happened this week and it is with the 3.1.31 release

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    I'm agree that you should submit a ticket with this issue and if possible give us access to the unit.


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    Hello Souren,

    I submitted the ticket and it is still open, sergio is assiting me with this but we haven't found the problem of that. I wanted to mentioned here to have a simulteneously help.



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    I have the very same problem with a Quadro 2xi with a Snom360 and a GrandStrem200. I have open a TSS case, but I think it could be easier if someone posted the answer here. This way next one won´t need to open a TSS to solve the problem.

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