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    Hello I am playing with Epyigy IP/PBX for the first time . Its a Quatro 4x. Can the unit act as a SIP server, or is it a just a Registrar. If so i assume I can register to any SIP service provider through the unit?

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    The Quadro will act as a SIP proxy (in the case of remote extension) but it cannot act as a SIP server. It is a SIP client, but with that said, you can register to any SIP provider, if they are SIP compliant.

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    Yep, Quadro is not a full-functional SIP server. It provides just basic SIP proxy features to the IP Phones connected to it.

    For the outside Quadro acts as a SIP client.

    In short, IP phones register on the Quadro, and Quadro's extensions register on external SIP server.

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