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Thread: Nec-Philips AP200S DECT with Quadro?

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    Default Nec-Philips AP200S DECT with Quadro?


    anyone have tested Nec-Philips AP200S DECT access point with Quadro PBX?
    Functionality? Is full or limited?


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    we have tested with success AP200S Dect Access Point. ( six-month testing)
    Configuration type:

    N°1 AP200S
    Dap Controller Ver. 3.22.8
    Firmware Ver. 4910b315.dwl

    N°1 Quadro 2xi
    Firmware 5.1.19

    N°6 Various Dect Phone (Nec, Siemens)

    AP200S configuration is not so Easy, we prefer Kirk Wireless Server 300-600.

    Very easy configuration the Kirk Server.

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    Lunacom Team

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    lunacom, thank you very much for the info !

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