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Thread: Quadro PPPoA support? Recommend ADSL2+ modem for remote extensions

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    Unhappy Quadro PPPoA support? Recommend ADSL2+ modem for remote extensions


    We had a epygi quadro 2x system setup recieving incoming calls via voip going to a few remote extensions. The epygi quadro sat behind a cisco modem with a public ip (SHDSL) so the internet was configured just using the "ethernet" setup, therefore no nat = no problems and everything worked fine.

    However we have now moved premesis and the only internet connection we can have is ADSL2+ which HAS to authenticate wtih PPPoA VC-MUX , not PPPoE.

    The first thing I tried to do (with two modems) was to configure the adsl2 modem into Bridge mode and get the epygi to authenticate with pppoe (since its the only option the epygi has) but it doesn't work since it has to be pppoa...

    The only way i've been able to get the system partially working is to set up the internet on the modem router and put the epygi in the DMZ zone. Outgoing calls work fine however the remote extensions don't work (they register fine but only have one way sound etc, or something like you can dial voicemail but it ignores all key presses).

    I've tried a d-link G604T adsl2+ modem (no sip ALG etc) - it works as above when the epygi is put in the DMZ zone.. and i've also tried a sip aware router Dynalink RTA1025W but it only works (the same as the d-link) when the SIP-ALG is turned off and the epygi is again put in the DMZ zone... I also tried a speedtouch 536 modem with no luck.

    Incoming calls via SIP/Voip also don't work with any of the above modems. Outgoing calls work sometimes.

    I've tried settings like symmetric nat and RTP proxy but they don't help, also this doesn't fix the incoming call issue.

    Therefore my question is - what is a readily avaliable ADSL2+ modem that can authenticate with PPPoA and will work well with remote extensions & incoming sip calls (Not requiring RTP proxy etc) - I've had bad luck trying to locate a Zyxel Prestiege 661 etc in Australia as recommended in other posts - although it looks like they have remote extension issues as well....

    Or is it possible to modify the epygi to authenticate with PPPoA thus using the modem in bridge mode.... Or would it be better to do something like using a modem in bridge mode with ipcop/smoothwall that could authenticate with PPPoA (Although I don't know how to set this up - would i use the SIP proxy of smoothwall etc or something?)

    Sorry for the long post I hope you can understand it Thanks in advance

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    Get yourself a Linksys wag325n v1.08 firmware ... dont set up dmz just set up port forwarding and remote extensions will work a treat and the box will be solid... I have heard of good results from netcomm nb5s but I prefer the linksys because of better routing tables.

    Check out for parts prices. Thats where I usually shop for a bargain mostly thay are cheaper than others I have found.



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    2 choices. 1 I've been told about, but yet to try myself, 1 I know will work no problem!


    Get a Zyxel Prestige 660R (basic, no-firewall unit) and you can (I'm told - I'll see if I can find a clue sheet) set it up so the Quadro can use PPPoE to talk to the router and the router just bridges to the ADSL.

    2) Same router, (or, if you dno't want to use the Quadro as your office firewall, get a 660 model) in default mode it uses PPPoA etc to log in to the ADSL link. Now it routes between the internet and you - now, do you have multiple IP address block or just a single IP address? If the former you will have to set up SUA mode to map all the VOIP ports from the router to the private IP address you give the Quadro. But preferrably (so call your ISP for an upgrade if you have to) assign the WAN port of the Quadro one of the *public* IP addresses you have, after setting the LAN range of the router up to your assigned IP range - e.g. if your range is, say., then set the LAN config of the rotuer to, set the WAIN port of the Quadro to (with a gateway of and bob's yer unk.

    If you use the 661 model, it will have a built in firewall, you just need to create a WAN to LAN rule that allows *all* traffic from the wan in if the desination is <ip address of Quadro>. Quadro has its own firewall (make sure it's ON) so doesn't need the extra protection but the REST of your LAN will still benefit from the protection of the Prestige Firewall.

    THe second method is FAR preferrable because it means do do NOT have any NAT happening in front of the quadro, and VOIP hates NAT, however many pretty toys they bolt on to cope with it, you're better off without, ESPECIALLY if you plan to have external extensions or quadro-to-qaudro links.

    Have fun!

    I hate to disagre with my friend from Oz but no, don't even think of Linksys and certainly don't use *any* "domestic use" router (Dlink, Netgear, etc).

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    Thanks for all your suggestions I managed to get it working perfectly by using a Speedtouch 536 in PPPoA - PPTP relay mode ... I configure the epygi to dial with PPTP with my PPPoA username and password etc and it gets the public IP, so no nat and everything works great and stable.

    I could've done the option 2) listed above but I don't have a 2+ weeks to get another IP provisioned (We're only given one here in Australia)

    So for future reference - a budget ADSL2+ modem to do PPPoA to the epygi I recommend this setup - here is the documentation on how to do it (also see the speedtouch manual)


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