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    I would like just to ask if there is a posibillity that when you upgrade the firmware on any Quadro that Custom Scenario Voice Messages would not be deleted. It is realy anoying that with every fw upgrade you must upload the old files. In case when you have IVR enabled than you can not use automatic fw upgrade.



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    Suggestion - if they can't be maintained in internal memory, why not copy these data to the USB ram, then bring them back later.

    These days, it's just about impossible to buy USB sticks under 1Gb in size so on average there'll be OOOODles of space available on there. If anyone *isn't* using USB storage, it's not unreasnable to offer them this service for the cost of a couple of quid.

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    Yep, using USB stick should solve the problem. If you configure the system to keep message on USB stick, but not in Internal memory, the firmware update will not erase the Custom Scenario Voice Messages.

    If you cannot use USB stick (for example on the 2x), you can download the whole config before upgrading, then restore that after upgrade. That would need an additional reboot, but anyway should be easier than to upload all WAV files one by one..

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