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    Talking Attended transfer problem

    Hi I have a problem with attended transfer disconnecting the transferee before being able to talk to the recipient of the call & then to transfer the call. Set up is very simple with a Snom360 & 3 other handsets, 1 being the Snom300. The 360 can perform attended transfer no problem, however when the 300 needs to send a call back to Reception on the 360 the following happens: Person talking on the 300 presses the active line button to place the caller on hold. The transfer button is pressed & the Reception extension is dialled. As soon as the extension is dialled the call is disconnected from the 300, & happily transfers to the 360 as a blind transfer. Am i doing something wrong in the transfer procedure? I am desperately trying to get this right. Any help is appreciated - especially from those Aussies who aren't watching cricket anymore! Cheers Brad

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    Format should be -> Press the Line Key ( already lit up with the call ) -> that will place the caller on hold, then Dial the appropriate Extension number -> press the tick key -> speak to destination party then -> Transfer key.

    The method you are describing is for Blind Transfer / Unsupervised Transfer / Immediate Transfer.

    - now back to my fishing -



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    Thanks Kevin,makes sense to follow the guides properly! Hope you caught something - more than the SA fielders are doing!

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