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Thread: some internet sites seem blocked

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    Exclamation some internet sites seem blocked

    bit of a strange one, I got a Quadro 16xi sitting behind a Broadband Router, the Quadro provides DHCP settings to all PCs i.i. IP address, default gateway and DNS.

    Funny thing is a couple of sites seem to be blocked or inaccessible when sitting on the Quadro LAN, however if I plug my Laptop directly into the Broadband Router I CAN access these sites.

    Has anyone any suggestions as to the reason for this?

    NOTE: I have the firewall turned off on the Quadro.



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    There is an Auto Block Pron Sites paul.... May be thats the reason..

    Sounds like some form of filtering is happening mate.. look under that area...



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    thanks for that. I had a look at the filters but it's all blank. Anyway from an: ipconfig /all I noticed that the PCs on the LAN had the LAN IP address of the Quadro set as their DNS server.

    So I went into DHCP settings>DHCP Advanced Settings> and edited the Domain Name Servers parameter to the IP address of the ISPs DNS server.

    It's working now :-)



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    Very nice..
    Can I have an example of such site (of course if that is not confidential/private)

    Looks like Epygi DNS doesn't relay the DNS external server's anser for those sites (I assume you have set up the same ISP DNS server on the Quadro's "DNS Settings"). I would like to test it here too...

    Best regards,

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    here's the simple overview of the network;

    Internet---Broadband WiFi Router-----Quadro16xi-----Cisco Switch----phones and PCs

    Eventhough I had entered the ISPs DNS servers, under the Network>DNS settings, they were not being given out to users via DHCP. The users were picking up the LAN IP address of the Quadro as the DNS server.

    So while on site I noticed the "DHCP Advanced settings" and in there I changed the DNS server IP address from being that of the lan interface to those of the ISPs DNS servers.

    Hope that helps, I'm sure I'm not the first to have had this problem/ feature :-)
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    Hi Paul
    ... actially I was asking not about the network architecture, but about the name of the Internet sites which were blocked..

    Best regards,

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