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Thread: BLF Limitations on Quadro with Aastra

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    Question BLF Limitations on Quadro with Aastra

    Are there any limitations on the Quadro regarding BLF monitoring.
    i have a customer with 18 Aastra 57i phones and the reception has a 57i wit a digital expansion keys board... "thingy"...
    each extension monitors all extensions but it's self. randomly the BLF keys on boot up will go to question marks "?". This does not happen on all the phones.

    Normally only the last phone to boot has the question marks.

    At reception normally only half the keys on the expansion board have Question marks.

    Does any one have any suggestions.


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    You have a max number of around 80 BLF total...

    How many extensions are you monitoring ? 18 x 18 + a DSS of 60 keys = how many do you monitor - surely not 384 keys programmed for extensions ?

    Personally I wouldnt recommend past the 80 ... even if it was an M32



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    Hmm.... about 225 BLF registrations on a Quadro4x at the site with the issues.

    You would think the pbx could handle this if it could handle 70 extensions.

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    The BLF subscriptions make pretty high load on SIP device (Quadro). 70 extensions create less load with their registrations, than 70 BLF keys...
    225 BLF is really too much. Generally such setups (with all phones monitoring everybody) are not recommended, as every time when some activity is happening on one of the phones, the network and the PBX is overwhelmed with SIP signaling.

    Quadro has a limitation on the number of BLF subscriptions to protect itself from overloading. The limitation is roughly the one Kevin told. If you need a lttle bit more, there is a way to tweak that limitation and increase the number a little, but it doesnt worth to increase that too much.

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