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Thread: No VM Alarm on the phones

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    Default No VM Alarm on the phones

    I have 10xIP330, 2xIP550 and one IP650 running with Quadro 4x. Problem is that no redlight flashing or anything saying that user have a message in his voicemail.
    When we enter in the voicemail with *0 we can take messages but users have to do this on a regular basis only to see if they have messages in VM.

    Thank you


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    There was a firmware of the Epygi at one stage where from memory you had to ensure the Lamp notification was set to on within the extensions voicemail area. You might want to verify that across the board for all extensions.




    Il y avait un firmware de la Epygi à un moment où vous avez eu de la mémoire pour assurer la notification de la lampe a été fixé à des extensions de messagerie vocale à l'intérieur de la zone. Vous voudrez peut-être vérifier que dans l'ensemble du conseil d'administration pour toutes les extensions.



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    Thank you Kevin, works great now...

    Thank you again for the traduction but I don't want to waste your time with that... I will use translator by myself if there something I don't understand...But overall I am able to understand most of post.

    Best of luck for the new year !!


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    Quote Originally Posted by serviplexSIP View Post
    Thank you again for the traduction but I don't want to waste your time with that...
    Hmm... hopefully Hans means "translation" I would say, the word "traduction" doesn't correctly define Kevins efforts

    I guess Kevin enjoys practicing his French, and some other language skills, too , so this is not just a waste of time for him

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    That is always nice for me to see this effort... Sorry also for my english !!!

    Thanks again Kevin !!

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