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Thread: 3PCC - Looking for a couple of BETA testers

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    Smile 3PCC - Looking for a couple of BETA testers

    Just finished a new application called the Quadro-Buddy that gives msn messenger like features to a user.

    With screen pop - outlook contacts integration - voicemail notification - missed calls - click to dial - and all extension monitoring display component. If anyone is interested in testing this product please email me at richard(at)3bit . co . nz

    Uses Epygi 3PCC, version 5 firmware gives any user a 30 day trial period on the quadro pbx so you will not require a 3PCC license but a full license will be helpful.


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    Send a few emails to Alloy... im sure Greg, Chris, Steve and Phuuc could test it for you. Regards Kevin

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    I have seen that application running here in Epygi on Hrant's PC... Looks nice and useful.
    Although Q-Buddy doesn't have usual softphone capability, I would personally prefer that to QCM.. (thats just my personal opinion ).

    It worths to try that app. I would probably get that from Hrant (hope he will give one to me.. )

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