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    At a company, there is a GXP-2000 as a central phone where most incoming calls come (it's a doctor's office). The problem is that there a lot of incoming calls (approx. 1 call every 3 minutes) at their office and the phone starts acting as it is Off Hook (in a call) although it's not. Which means that no calls can be made or received. Sometimes the IP line needs to be "reseted" and after that the phone rebooted to solve the problem.

    The only two features that are configured on that IP line are autoredial and call waiting.

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    Matic, if the problem is not resolved by just rebooting the phone, we would need to look for the problem in the Quadro.., and we'll need the logs for that. Can you enable the developer logging on that unit, and as soon as the problem happens, download the logs (before the reboot) and open a ticket with those logs attached?

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