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Thread: Can't Receive Incoming Call

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    It is port 5060 all the way through to the epygi unit.
    I have checked and is 5060 as they ports for SIP on the unit.

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    When I telnet to the device, it gives a black screen, but unless the quadro responds to these requests I wouldn't expect to see a hello or anything like you get with SMTP servers.

    What logs would I expect to see the telnet request, to double check?

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    If you can telnet to 5060 - it means te port forwarding for TCP most probably works. But it gices you nothing, as you cannot make calls with TCP (can you make your ITSP call using TCP?).

    You need to make sure the UDP 5060 forwarding is done too. For that you can try to register a phone as a remote extension on <yourRouterIp:5060> so it will send a REGISTER message to Quadro. Then check in Quadro registration logs whether the message was received..

    Or another way - use some tool (for axample, "Essential NetTools", or XSpider) to generate UDP packets from outside to <your router's IP>:5060 and capture all packets on the Quadro (netcapture.cgi). If UDP forwarding on router works, you should be able to see your packets in the capture (view that using Wireshark/Ethereal).

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    you can make calls, but you cannot recieve.

    im just throwing a stone in the bush here

    i had the same problem and it was actually a simple rule in the routing table the cased the problem

    where did you specify the incoming itsp call to go to?

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