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Thread: Ambiguity in the help file - Voicemail resend

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    Default Ambiguity in the help file - Voicemail resend

    Under "Send new voice messages via e-mail", there is the option to resend every X minutes, for a maximum of X times.

    The help file states:
    The next two fields are used for retransmission of voice mails via email. Number of times text field requires the maximum number of times the voice mail will be delivered via email to the recipient within the interval (in minutes) defined in the Repeat every text field. If the voice mail is required to be sent only once, insert "1" in Repeat every text field and "0" in the Number of times text field.

    Last time I checked my english is pretty good, and in my opinion the terms used and the explination of said terms do not aggree with each other.... at all.

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    Well, there is already long time passed since I checked my English last time... but the sentence seems pretty suspisious to me too Except that, to be true, it is not really clear from this text, whether the mail will be sent multiple times only if first attempts fail, or always. Though the word "retransmission" suggests that the mail will be resent only in case of failure on previous attmpts, the rest of the sentence doesn't confirm this assumption..

    I'll check this out, and write back..

    Thanks for being attentive,

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