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    I have a quadro 2xi installed at our customer and he is complaining that the conversation sound is too quiet. No matter of the call (inbound or outbound), it's always too quiet. It's not a bad quiality sound. I have also checked the codec quality and it's almost every time excellent. The customer said that there is no delay, jitter or any other sound disorder, it's just quiet. There are 2 SIP phones installed and 2 analog phones. Regardless of the phone, the problem is the same.
    Am I missing any configuration on quadro ?


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    You have said its not bad quality sound, so is it possible that your customer might have a hearing problem ?



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    The customers that were calling him also complained that the sound is very quiet. I really doubt they all have a hearing problem
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    Anyway, I will check it myself tomorrow and see (hear).

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    On Quadro you can configure only the gains on PSTN interfaces: FXS, FXO, ISDN, E1/T1. You can do that from "Telephony -> Gain Contrlol". You can increase the gains but be careful, it may result in noticable echo in the calls.
    If the call is between IP phones or between IP phone and remote end located in IP network then the only way to increase the voice volume is manually configuring the IP phone gains.
    If you want to investigate this issue in more details please submit the ticket.


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    The customers that were calling him also complained that the sound is very quiet. I really doubt they all have a hearing problem
    Ahh so when you said customer had a problem hearing the calls you meant that it has been experienced both ways .. thats a totally different story.... unless everyone has a hearing complaint ....

    Being a 2xi usually means ISDN connectivity, if it had ISDN telephony on another device before installing the Epygi, was it the same as the customer is experiencing ? or is it only since the Epygi has been installed that this problem has occured ?



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    The most strange thing here is the statement telling that local calls (both IP PHone<->IP Phone and FXS<->FXS !!!) are also quiet..
    Taking into account that these two kinds of calls have completely different voice paths, it just looks like the office is too noisy there, or they are not telling the precise details, and exagerrating things.

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    Yesterday I did some test calls. I came to a conclusion that quiet calls are not not a Quadro issue. As heard from a customer I thougt that almost all calls were having quiet sound issue, so I thought I missed some configuration on Quadro... but actually the issue is only from specific callers. Thank you all for answers,


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