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Thread: Put 2 phone numbers on the same phone

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    I would like to put 2 phone numbers on my receptionist phone but i don't konw how

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    You can attach more than one IP Line to your receptionist phone by comma separated IP line numbers. If you want to attach IP Line 2 and IP Line 3 then type 2, 3 in Attached IP Lines field of receptionist wizard.

    Hope it helps,

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    thx it's running but i've another problem : i can call external phones and be called by external phones only with one of my number and not the two.

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    The IP Lines are attached to some extensions besides receptionist phone. Now please describe whether that extensions are registered on some SIP server or not?


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    I've registred IP Line 1 and IP Line 2 with the same phone in Line parameters.
    In Extension Management, I've configured IP Line 1 with a SIP number and IP Line 2 with another SIP number and i've click on "Registration on SIP server".
    For the IP Line 2 in the beginning i've configured a phone(Aastra phone)with a SIP number and after i've put this SIP number on the receptionist phone (Snom)

    In Receptionist Management , i've put in Line Attached "1,2".

    There is only one of the two phone which can call and be called by external calls.Only internal calls run with the second phone.

    I hope i've explain what you wanted to know

    PS: i'm sorry for my english ^^

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    If both lines are successfully registered on your SIP server you should be able to make or receive calls. You can check this from System -> Status -> SIP Registration Status.

    I suggest you to submit TSS case, download system logs and attach there so we can take a look on your configuration.


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    What do you call "TSS Case" ??

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    If you login to techincal support area you will see Request Form.

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    I don't have Request Form that's why i came to this forum.
    I've searched this Request Form because i see it in the help menu but i don't have the link.

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    What browser you are using? Try to clean up the cache.

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