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Thread: Upload Local AAA Table

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    Default Upload Local AAA Table

    Does anyone know how to upload a Local AAA Table via a legible file? If I export the AAA Table and try to import it again on a different Epygi no entries is created.

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    I usually use Microsofts XML 2007 editor for ease of use....

    I understand you want a legible text format... but xml is just as good and simlarly easy to read via a decent editor / viewer



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    What I am trying to do is to export the Local AAA Table from one Epygi and the import the same Local AAA Table into 5 other Epygi's without having to recreate each entry manually.

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    I guess you forgot to change the [1],[2],etc in the legible script to [add]...

    You cannot just upload the file back, you have to modify that a bit (use the "Replace ALL" option in any good text editor.. )

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