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Thread: BT100 hangs in session

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    Default BT100 hangs in session


    We have a Quadro 2xi and Grandstream BT100 by a customer. On the BT100 it often happens that call stays in session or as describer on the ip line status page that the line is call. Then I have two ways to fix. One is to reboot the Quadro or register and unregister the IP line. Is there any other way to reset the IP line. I also use session timer on the IP line.



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    There is no way to reset the IP Line, other than unregister/register that. But this should not be needed if everything works normally.

    First, please don't use the Session Timer on the IP Line unless you really need that for some reason. This is often a source for call drops, and some other confusions, due to minor incompatibilities in SIP implementations, and due to pretty crude specification of session timer in SIP.

    If the problem appears again after switching OFF te session timer, we would need to look at the logs - such problem should not happen with latest versions at least...

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