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    Default Dual wan failover

    Howdy all

    Anyone had any success in setting up a dulawan failover system for their network. The concept was to have fail over if one ISP goes down. I have a got a dual wan router from billion. The router has two wan ports and 4 ethernet ports. I quickly set it up weeks ago but ran into major problems with the Epygi not detecting the Wan dhcp address from the Billion router ethernet port. [timed out after three seconds...what the!]. I ran out of time and put the network back to how it wa prior.

    The setup i was trying was this

    PC - Data switch - Bilion Dualwan router - ADSL modem1 [telsta , adsl login by modem,currently dhcp via modem]
    Voip phone - voip switch - epygi Gateway [dhcp] - Bilion Dualwan router - adsl modem2[optus,adsl login by modem]

    What sort of problems could I expect with this setup?

    My play time with setting this up is minimal so i dont want long outages whilst i configure this to work.

    Any experienced people setting stuff like this up ?

    Is there an easier way to fail over two a second ISP?


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    The problem would be generated due to different dns settings for the individual isps. use the open dns servers in the epygi / dual wan router and that should resolve your problems.

    Or speak to the Alloy guys and bug them... say hi from me...



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