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Thread: No voice when using behind FW

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    Trying to set the QCM on a PC with local FireWall.
    Without the FireWall it works fine.
    As soon as start the FW the QCM receive the call but the voice communication do not go thru.
    I have tried to config the FW to set priority to the QCM, but from some reason it do not recognize it and it crash the FW (using Zone Alarm / CA)

    Please advise

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    Given the date you posted this, I recommend you post the issue via TSS for prompt response. Sorry for not providing you with answers here.


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    I am testing the QCM at the moment and have the same result, remote can hear me but I cannot hear them. Only using Windows XP with FW turned Off.

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    This obviously comes down to your network setup specifics. There are so many reasons why there could be one-way audio, that it is hard to tell anything here. However the most frequent reason for this is a Symmetric NAT between PC and Quadro. If you are using QCM as remote extension, try to set "Symmetric RTP" option. Edited by: davrays

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