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Thread: Call forwarding :-(

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    Exclamation Call forwarding :-(

    I'm running the latest firmware on my Quadro and snom phones. I've been trying to set up call forwarding on a phone ( snom 360 ) whereby the user presses a button on the phone ( P1 ) and it forwards all calls to their mobile, then by pressing the same button again ( P1 ), it turns off Call forwarding.

    I set this up as follows:
    On the phone:
    Line settings>IP line settings>IP line 1 “advanced”
    Here I set P1 to “CallFwd” and saved the change which rebooted the phone.

    On the Extension:
    Users>extensions management>supplementary services>Caller ID Based Services>
    Unconditional Call Forwarding I set to enable and added an entry:
    Call type: Auto
    Forward to: 0871234567

    This seems like a logical approach but it hasn’t worked. Has anyone any advice on this or in general on call forwarding?

    Many thanks again,


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    Hi Paul
    everything you did is correct. What do you mean saying "it hasn’t worked"? Does it call when you press the button? Does it play something?

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    thanks for the reply. Basically after setting up the config as above and pressing P1 the phone calls an extension. P1 used be configured to call a certain extension, I reconfigured it to "CallFwd", saved the config and rebooted the phone but it still calls the old configured extension. I tried this config on a 320 as well, P1 had no previous config on it and when pressed nothing happens!!!

    I thought Call Forwarding would have been a basic feature on any PBX and simple to implement....but alas... :-(

    Any thoughts? Should I give you log on details?



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    Try doing a reset to default on the SNOm .. it should come good and retrieve all data that is needed.

    I have found that it doesnt redo the config unless you do it to the 100th degree and let the Epygi manage it...



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    Default snom

    how should I do that?



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    Hey Paul,

    Hit the settings key on the snom 320... press the right arrow on the silver button 3 times.. then 2nd soft key from left under the screen... it should then be the reset key ( it is on my snom 320 )...

    But who knows im from down under so it might be the complete reverse....


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    that's excellent, I got it to work :-)

    Happy days :-)

    Take care and thanks again.


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