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Thread: System Messages Memory Usage

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    Default System Messages Memory Usage

    I am having a look at the memory status page in the webui and I see that some users have "System Messages" that use over two minutes. I've listened to their voice greeting and its generally less than 30 seconds long. What is stored in the "System Message" for each users and how do I access it?

    Thank you

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    the message sizes (recorded/actualy played) difference depends on voice codec you are recording the voice messages, the messages size in minutes are calculated according to codec configured in "Voice Mail Common Settings" page.
    What concerning "System messages" you can use http://x.x.x.x/uploadownmessages.cgi hiden page to upload your own messages, format and message files descriptions I`ll provide in next topic.
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    Here is "System messages" files parameters:

    1. Codec - PCMU (A/mu-Law Wave ".wav"), CCITT
    2. Sample rate - 8000 Hz
    3. Channels - Mono
    4. Resolution - 8 or 16 bit

    Programs which allow to create and edit that files:
    Cool Edit, Adobe Audition

    The maximal file size which can be uploaded is 8 MB, in case when other settings, I mean memory space (percenatge of memory) for extension already properly configured.

    In attached doc file you can find the all system messages file names.
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