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Thread: Quadro 2X "The Number You Have Dialled Is Unavailable"

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    Default Quadro 2X "The Number You Have Dialled Is Unavailable"

    Hi Guys,

    I've bought a Epygi Quadro 2X. Setup went smoothly and IP extensions working great. But from the start every day or two, sometimes more than once a day, all the phones stop working. Can't dial out, cant recieve calls and when I call the PSTN line I get a message "The number you have dialled is unavailable". Please I need urgent help with this coz its for a company.

    Thank You
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    The description is too general to find any reason without the logs. So you either need to contact Epygi TSS (or your reseller/distributor) with logs collected right after the incident, or give me an access to your device to look at.

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