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    Hi there,

    Just a request for a feature to be included in a release for the future and that is as follows:

    In the CRT, being able to select a flag for an entry being added into the directory listing.

    What would I see this achieving - being able to set up speed dials within the CRT and having those entries populated into the directory of telephones auto configured by the Epygi ie Snom range of handsets.

    This will reduce the double entries for speed dialling in the Extension tables and the CRT which is how i get an entry to appear in the directory of the SNOM handsets. I am not sure if the AASTRA handsets are able to do the same or if there are any other handsets that address the directory feature of the Epygi.

    I see this as a very easy way to maintain a common speed dial list and a clear way to minimise the labour in creation or manipulation of the same.



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    Are you mixing "speed dial" and "directory"?

    We manually set up the director on the Snoms - download/uploading a CSV file where a client wants it shared. It's a pain - it'd be nice if the Snom could be set to automatically fetch the latest dir.csv file at boot time, or every midnight.

    But Speed DIal on the Snom is a bit hit or miss since there's no way to record WHAT teh target number is.

    So we set those up centrally - still no way to record it but we can create a rule which sais

    5xxx - drop one and dial xxx

    of course, this is one CRT entry PER speed-dial, but at least it's then a system-wide speed-dial. :-)

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    I am not mixing anything.

    I am suggesting rather than to have an entry in the Extension table as a Virtual Extension, where you set up a call forward unconditional to the same virtual number with the "include in directory" flag checked, an Easy to Remember name ie Kevin Mobile and then duplicate the virtual extension number in the call routing table - nds = virtual extension number length and replace with the destination of your choice.

    What this does is when you depress the "DIRECTORY" key on the SNOM handset above the MENU key it will retrieve the SPEED DIALS that you have created in the EXT Table / CRT Table combination.

    It would be far simpler to just set a flag in the CRT to include it in the Directory and there fore easy access to the speed dial entry.

    The Epygi deploys the special Directory function to the handset and provides a neat way of being able to dial your speed dials intuitively.

    The above will work for V7.xx SNOM Software only. The PhoneBook/Directory soft key works only with the csv file that you put into the SNOM itself.



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