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Thread: notification of failed trunks

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    Default notification of failed trunks

    Hey there,

    Im on a roll.... it would be great to see a feature that would provide the following feature for reporting.

    It would be great to be able to set up a notification of a route failure log that is turned on and off on a route by route basis.

    Ie you have 2 x ITSP trunks, 5 x Fxo and 2 x ISDN circuits with failovers from the ITSP --- > FXO --- > ISDN.

    It would be great to get a notification on failover and also excess trunk usage..

    So if the ITSPs ( could be multiple trunks for an account ) fails over to another route to be flagged and a warning message sent to the administrator account.

    I see this as a handy tool for dimensioning the routes as necessary and being able to sell more hardware and services etc as needed.



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    Hmm.. Actually we already had such request from Alloy (so who was the author of idea - you or Greg? ). That request is logged in the database and is queued There is a chance we will do that as soon as we finish some other stuff...

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    Greg and I usually talk a lot.. so you might need to throw me some gratuities next time... just to make sure the idea stream in this part of the world doesnt slow or reduce ...



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