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Thread: Park key

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    Good to hear this is fixed. I will give it a shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davrays View Post
    To put it more general way - system plays "callparkpickuplocal.wav + <extension name> + callparkpickupremote.wav + <SIP Username>". Replace those two recordings by messages you like (using "uploadownmessages.cgi"), and the annoyance is gone

    Best regards,
    I've just tried this (again).

    For the benifit of others:

    I uploaded "callparkpickuplocal.wav " and an empty "callparkpickupremote.wav" file.

    and it works.

    It now say "Call Parked 101 <silent> 101

    Can we make it so it doesn't play the second 101??

    Just play "callparkpickuplocal.wav + <extension name>

    Thanks for fixing this.

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    Default Park key

    While on the subject of park enhancements.

    We are using snom 370s on the latest FW 8.2.32 and have 4 busy reception possitions that use call parking extensivly. What the customer wants is the ability to park to a specific orbit number instead of just be placed on the next avaliable park extension.

    It would be great if we could dial *5702 to park to orbit 702 or another option is to do like we do for intercom or vm transfer were we can prefex the park number with some characters and give us the ability to just transfer to 7701 which would park the call on 701.

    Is there another way to accomplish this or can we consider this a feature request.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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