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Thread: Park key

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    Create the wav file Ben - ccitt alaw 8bit 8khz mono ... then upload that file

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    No problem creating the blank file. I want to grab a copy of Epygi default callparkpickuplocal.wav & callparkpickupremote.wav to cut out the un-needed bits.

    Edit: Managed to extract it from the language pack (it's a zip file)
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    I have uploaded the edited wav however it does not seem to be overwriting it?

    Is there any need to reboot to make the changes take affect etc?

    A screenshot is attached.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I have checked this issue on my Quadro. The reboot should not help here. When parking a call the default messages are played instead of custom messages that has been uploaded in this hidden cgi. I cannot give you an explanation at the moment. Will ask development and answer soon.


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    The reason for this issue is a bug in the Quadro FW. The fix for this bug will be included in the next releases


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    I'm glad it was not me!

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    Has this issue been fixed? I'm about to try this again.

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    Yes, this is fixed starting from 5.2.24 and is included in the latest releases.


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